UNI Credit Card – Benefits & Features You Must Be Aware of

 UNI Credit Card – Benefits & Features You Must Be Aware of

Uni card is introduced by Uniorbit Technologies or UNI, and it is in partnership with the State Bank of Mauritius, RBL bank and Liquiloans. Note that the Uni credit card is not just a credit card wherein you incur interest on non-repayment on the part of the outstanding due. With a Uni credit card, you can pay your bill over 3 months in instalments without the requirement of incurring any finance charges on the same.  

What is meant by Uni Pay 1/3rd credit card?

A Uni credit card is one that permits you to repay your bills in 3 instalments. The payment can be made over a period of 3 months. There are zero fees levied for spreading your payment over 3 months. Let’s have a look at the benefits and features of the Uni card.  

Eligibility parameter of Uni card – pay 1/3rd expense

·       You must be at least the age of 18 years.

·       You must provide authentic identity details and various other details requested by the financial institution. 

·       You must have a strong credit score to place the application for a Uni credit card. 

Fees and charges for Uni credit card

Annual FeeNil
Joining FeeNil

What are the rewards on the Uni credit card?

·       In case you have split up your expenses into three parts over the period of three months, you get a 1 per cent reward if you repay the entire bill in a month. 

·       If you require splitting spending in two, you earn rewards of 1.2 per cent if you repay the bill in a month. 

·       You get as high as 5X value on the Uni store

Credit card limit for Uni credit cards

You may set your own limit for Uni card payment. Also, you can select how you want to pay; you can either pay through the Uni app by unlocking it or through the card. 

How can you apply for the Uni card?

You can place the application for a Uni card in the listed ways – 

Step no. 1 – Go to the site, https://www.uni.cards/apply

Step no. 2 – Input your mobile number, name, and your mail ID

Step no. 3 – Click on the submit option

Step no. 4 – You will get redirected to the next page

Step no. 5 – Follow the instruction mentioned on the page to apply for a Uni credit card

Uni credit cards customer care number

Level 1 – 

You can call up the toll-free customer number at 080 68216821

Level 2 – 

In case you are unsatisfied with the response from level 1, you may call up +91 2271209091. You may even send a mail to ppihelpdesk@rblbank.com.

Level 3 – 

You can contact the Nodal officer of the bank in case the response from level 2 has not been able to answer your question. 

How is a Uni card different from other regular credit cards?

A Uni card is not just a credit card. While it works the same as a credit card, it is a card via which you may split your expenses into 3 portions. For instance, suppose you have a regular card with a billing amount equaling Rs 60,000. You can pay the minimum required amount of Rs 10,000 and carry forward the remaining balance to next month, i.e., Rs 50,000. Note that on the unpaid amount of Rs 50,000, the bank may charge a finance charge. With a Uni credit card, the bill amount of Rs 60,000 may be split into 3 months, i.e., Rs 20,000 per month, with zero finance charges incurred on the unpaid amount. 

Frequently asked questions about Uni credit card –

What’s the minimum age required for opting for a Uni credit card?

To apply for a Uni credit card, your minimum age must be 18 years. 

What’s the fee incurred on the Uni credit card?

The Uni credit card has zero joining or annual charges.

Does the Uni credit card offer any cashback on conducting retail spending?

Yes, Uni credit card offers 1 per cent cash back on all retail spends. 

Is the Uni credit card like any regular credit card?

The Uni credit card is not a credit card. While its function is similar to any credit card, it is a card that allows you to split your monthly spending into 3 equal parts. 

Being an NRI, can you place an application for a Uni credit card?

No, you cannot place an application for a Uni credit card if you are an NRI. 

What’s the validity of a Uni credit card?

The validity of a Uni credit card is unlimited.

Are you allowed to enhance your Uni credit card limit?

Yes, you always can request to enhance your credit card limit of your Uni card.

What’s the minimum score you require to apply for the Uni credit card?

When you place an application for a Uni credit card, you must have a score of at least 750.

Is there any card like a Uni card?

Like the Uni card, there’s another similar card known as One Card credit card with crucial features. One credit card is a metallic card in collaboration with various banks like SBM bank, IDFC First bank, South Indian bank, Bank of Baroda Financial and Federal bank. It is a free metal card, best suited for those who are new to credit and looking to earn rewards on purchases through the card. One of the important features of the card is that it has zero annual and joining charges. So, you can get all the benefits without incurring any charge, just like a Uni card.

Features of One credit card

One card allows you to earn reward points in different categories like shopping, travel, healthcare, and others. Card users can earn points on each purchase made through the card. Moreover, you can even earn bonus rewards by referring your family and friends. One card comes with less stringent and relaxed eligibility criteria, which makes it best for individuals who are totally new to credit. 

Fees & charges

One credit card does not charge any annual or joining fees. However, card users may be levied finance charges as well as late payment charges in the case of any disruption. Fees and charges apply for all the One card users – 

Fee typeAmount
Annual chargeNil
Joining chargeNil
Finance chargeBetween 2.5 per cent and 3.5 per cent per annum
Late payment charge2.5 per cent of the overall amount due (maximum allowed charge – Rs 1,000)

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